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Jj Redick Sixers Contract

JJ Redick Sixers Contract: A Look at the NBA Star`s Time in Philadelphia

JJ Redick, one of the NBA`s most notorious shooters, made quite an impact during his time with the Philadelphia 76ers. Redick signed a one-year, $12.25 million contract with the Sixers in 2017, and went on to become a key contributor to the team`s success during his two seasons in Philadelphia. In this article, we`ll take a closer look at Redick`s time with the Sixers and the details of his contract.

Redick was signed by the Sixers in the summer of 2017 as part of the team`s ongoing overhaul. The team was in the midst of a lengthy rebuild, and Redick was brought in to provide veteran leadership and a much-needed outside shooting threat. Redick had spent most of his career with the Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Clippers, and was considered one of the league`s premier sharpshooters.

Redick`s first season with the Sixers was a success by almost any measure. He averaged 17.1 points per game, the second-highest total of his career, and shot a stellar 42 percent from beyond the arc. Redick was a fixture in the starting lineup and played a key role in the Sixers` playoff run, helping the team reach the second round before falling to the Boston Celtics.

Redick`s second season with the Sixers was arguably even better. He averaged 18.1 points per game, set a career-high in three-point shooting percentage at 39.7 percent, and made his first-ever appearance in the NBA All-Star Three-Point Contest. Redick also set a new career-high in scoring with a 34-point outburst against the Orlando Magic in December 2018.

Despite his impressive statistics and contributions to the team, Redick`s time in Philadelphia ultimately came to an end. In the summer of 2019, Redick signed a two-year, $26.5 million contract with the New Orleans Pelicans. While many Sixers fans were disappointed to see him go, it was clear that the team was headed in a new direction and that Redick was looking for a new challenge.

It`s worth noting that Redick`s contract with the Sixers was structured in a unique way. The $12.25 million he was paid in his first year was fully guaranteed, meaning that the Sixers were on the hook for that amount regardless of how Redick performed. However, the second year of the contract was only partially guaranteed, meaning that the team could have saved some money by waiving Redick before the start of the 2018-19 season. Ultimately, the team decided to keep Redick, and he went on to have another stellar season.

In conclusion, JJ Redick`s time with the Sixers was a memorable one for both the player and the team. Redick`s outside shooting and veteran leadership were crucial to the team`s success during his two seasons in Philadelphia, and he will always be remembered as one of the most beloved Sixers of the modern era. While his time with the team may have been brief, Redick`s impact will be felt for years to come.