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Avast Secure Browser Review

The avast security browser review is one of the best options you’ll find to safeguard your privacy online. It’s a top Chromium web browser with a ton of security tools built-in, including ad blocking, malware, antiphishing and more. It’s also an excellent performer in terms of speed and stability.

While it was initially an option that was included with Avast’s famous antivirus software but it’s now a standalone browser which you can use to get the most value out of your internet experience. It’s built on Chromium which is the same open source engine used by Chrome and Vivaldi. You can also import settings and bookmarks easily from other browsers.

Avast claims that their browser is four times faster than other privacy focused browsers. Their promise is true in benchmark tests. I’ve tried it for myself and found that it runs much faster than the average browser, even when all its privacy features are enabled.

Avast’s web browser has many features you will not find elsewhere. The ad blocker for example, works to keep websites from displaying ads after ads, which slows down your browsing speed. It also blocks all the tracking that happens on your computer, and also blocks fingerprinting of your browser so that you won’t be tracked across websites. It’s so effective in preserving your privacy, that experts from AV Comparatives have named it the best in its field.

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